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30th-Dec-2007 02:06 pm(no subject)
making stuff
a few weeks ago i joined a LJ community called 3newthings.
basically the premise is this: There are seven people with posting access to the community. Each day one of those people will learn 3 new things in one of their categories and then they'll post them so we can all learn what they learned.
it's pretty cool, you should check it out.
13th-Dec-2007 11:53 am - snow!
making stuff
20th-Nov-2007 09:13 am(no subject)
making stuff
it's snowing!
5th-Nov-2007 02:16 pm - ornament swap!
making stuff
i just signed up for the second annual holdiday ornament swap! it was so much fun to be part of this last year and so i'm really excited to do it again! i'm contemplating making seaglass/stained glass ornaments. . .
2nd-Oct-2007 03:22 pm(no subject)
making stuff
is this the solution to all of my life's problems?
the real question is, how can i make my own pants magnets?
24th-Sep-2007 12:42 pm - color
making stuff
pantone has released the spring color report! this may not sound all that exciting, but it is one of my favorite tools. i especially like how this season mixes subtle neutral pastels with bright pop colors of similar shades.
i wish they would release it earlier, though, because i'm already working on fall '08.
17th-Aug-2007 01:35 pm(no subject)
making stuff
hey susan! the sweater link is here:
(i don't have your email address!)
22nd-Jul-2007 01:48 pm - a confession
making stuff
i'm proud of the fact that i have had absolutely zero exposure to harry potter in my life. not only do i not know what harry potter is about, i probably couldn't care less.
11th-Jul-2007 10:22 am - sorry to brag but . . .
making stuff
my invitation to ravelry came yesterday and i'm so impressed! i knew it would be cool but i didn't know that it would be this exciting. i'm in the process of categorizing my finished projects and creating a queue of projects that i want to knit in the future. i'm also planning to catalog my yarn stash, which is something that i had attempted to do a couple of months ago (it is actually kind of difficult since i have so much that is recycled or thrifted) and you can also enter books and hooks and stuff. i love that i can click on a yarn that i own and see pictures of what other people have knit with it. or that i can click on a sweater i'm having trouble with and see other people's finished versions. it's really inspiring. and the organization that i'm getting from it is really pretty amazing.
if you're serious about knitting and/or crochet you should totally get on the waiting list, if you aren't already.
3rd-Jul-2007 06:07 pm - sea glass, stained glass
making stuff

stained glass sea glass
Originally uploaded by katrinkles
it isn't finished yet, but i'm so excited to be seeing it held up in the light (instead of flat on a table) that i had to share.
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